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Regional Coverage

Alecia Johnson and Tarah Boykin knew their friendship was meant to be when they met as community volunteers “on a golf cart in the rain at 3 a.m.” Two years ago, they decided to purchase an Internet-based company called Spoonfudge! and open up a retail location in their tiny hometown of Sebastopol. And these friends have been stirring up the sweetness ever since.

Spoonfudge! is “creamy, dreamy fudge in a jar,” and, what’s more, it is gluten free, which is especially important to Alecia because her husband Shawn suffers from celiac disease. The recipe they bought came with 40 flavors, but they’ve tasted and tested their way to the 110 flavors they ship all over the world.

“Under that ridiculous nutrition information they make us print, we say, ‘Stirred with love in Sebastopol, MS,’” laughs Tarah. “A client in Norway said he looked up Sebastopol and discovered there were more people living in his apartment building than in our entire town.”

This small-town business churns out 500 jars of decadent goodness every day, which are packaged in tiny acrylic paint cans with attached shovel-shaped spoons for immediate enjoyment. With creative names like Wedding Belle and Lime in Da Coconut, they produce 15-16 flavors at a time (“to keep ourselves from going crazy”), available both on the website and in their Highway 492 shop. Brides give Spoonfudge! as wedding favors, corporate clients buy... {read full article}

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