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Order Processing & Shipping Times

Spoonfudge! is available for ordering during 2 week order "Windows". We email our subscribers a notifacation that the months order window is opening The 1st full two weeks of every month. All orders are made FRESH and shipped within a week of the order window closing. You'll received a shipping notice once your order has shipped. If you need an order on, before, or after a certain date please contact us before placing your order to make certain we can accommodate.

Shipping Charges

We now ship to all major countries and utilize Priority and First Class mail for all shipments. This guarantees that your Spoonfudge! will arrive within a few business days (US) and within a few weeks to Canada or other International destinations (we are not responsible for any slowdown at the border). All shipping turn around times below are ESTIMATES found on the United States Postal Service site which have been adjusted from experience. They do not always reflect the actual amount of time it takes for a product to arrive. All rates are calculated instantly based on the weight of your order.

United States (all 50 states and all APO/FPO)
USPS Priority Mail {3-4 Business Days; delivery confirmation included FREE of charge}

USPS First Class {7-15 Business Days; delivery confirmation is NOT available)
USPS Priority {6-14 Business Days; customs ID provided upon request}
-Maximum of $26.95 for all orders.

USPS First Class {7-15 Business Days; delivery confirmation is NOT available)
USPS Priority {6-14 Business Days; customs ID provided upon request}
USPS Priority Flat Rate Box {6-14 Business Days; customs ID provided upon request}
-If your order includes 10 or more jars, contact us to see if flat rate boxes are available for your country. It could save you lots on shipping (which means more money for fudge!)

*Canadian and International orders can take a while to get to their destination. We ship them at the same time as all other orders but once they are out of our hands, we WILL NOT be responsible for the delivery time. If you are really worried about the delivery date of your order, you should get the "Priority" shipping. In some cases the shipping method you choose may not be available for your order. In those cases, we will ship via the method that is available and refund any difference in cost. If the method we chose costs us more than you paid, you will NOT be responsible for the difference.

Payments Accepted

We prefer Paypal. However, you can pay with your credit or debit card at the Paypal login screen, no Paypal account needed. Checks and money orders can be accepted in select cases; email for details.

Once you leave the shopping cart and arrive at Paypal, you'll see the following next to the login area.

pay at Paypal without setting up an account

Click on "continue" to finalize your payment with your CC.

If you pay via e-check and it hasn't cleared then your product won't ship. In the event that we've already shipped your package and we receive an unjustified charge back or other situation in which your funds are removed from our account then we will turn you over to our collections agency and/or the appropriate legal organizations...you will be liable for all collections and legal fees. We don't even like going into this kind of detail but as of recent, we are receiving more and more fraudulent orders and, as a small business, must take any and all necessary precautions.

Shipping Errors

We are not responsible for packages being sent to outdated or incorrect addresses. Please double-check to verify that the shipping address is current and correct. Should a package be returned to us due to an addresses error on your part, you will be responsible for any re-shipping charges to send it out again.


Orders are processed and payment taken at time of order. Because we base our production schedules around order we receive, there are no cancellations. Once your order is placed, you have committed to purchasing the Spoonfudge!.

Order Errors

You are responsible for verifying your order for correctness and accuracy. If you have any concerns or questions about an order, please contact us prior to completing it so we can help you make sure everything is correct.


We do not offer refunds or allow returns on Spoonfudge! Please keep this in mind when placing an order.

If you have received an item you did not order, please contact us and we'll make arrangements to send out the proper item immediately. You may keep the item you received in error, with our apologies.

If your item is damaged in transit or never appears, please inform us within 5 business days of original shipment (if you purchased insurance) and we will start a claim with the appropriate organization.

Shelf Life

Spoonfudge! currently has a shelf life of 1 month. While our test jars sometimes last longer, the flavor and creaminess begins to suffer. Plus, who lets Spoonfudge! sit for a month anyhow?!?

Long Term Storage

Spoonfudge! should be kept in a cool, dark place no matter when you plan to indulge. However, if you'd like to indulge in Spoonfudge! after the one month shelf life, you'll want to FREEZE your Spoonfudge! before the one month shelf life is up. Once your Spoonfudge! has been frozen, it should stay that way until you are ready to consume it. When you are ready to consume Spoonfudge! you'll want to place it in your refrigerator for defrosting and then allow it to come to room temperature on the counter. Once your Spoonfudge! has reached room temperature, you should consume it immediately! Do not allow it to sit.

When possible, we suggest consuming your Spoonfudge! as soon as you receive it for an optimum experience.

Charitable Donations

Specially marked flavors of Spoonfudge! are eligible for charitable donations. We tally up the purchases of the specially marked flavors, multiply that by $1 per jar, add in an additional 10% contribution, and send out a check to the appropriate charity in the name of "Spoonfudge! Eaters."

Charities You've Helped Donate To

Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Make a Wish Foundation
International Dementia Research Foundation

Fundraising, Wholesale, and Custom Orders! (Great Wedding Favors!!!)

For information on fundraising with Spoonfudge! please click HERE.

For information regarding Wholesale and Custom Orders please click HERE.


In select cases we may substitute an item you order for another in an effort to ship your order out on time. We try to avoid these situations at all possible costs but sometimes we just can't. If your order received substitutions, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of them.

We reserve the right to refuse service to any person we choose at any time and without notification.

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